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Poker enthusiasts will find it absolutely worthwhile to try out freeware Jacks or Better online. If you love poker games, then Jacks or Better is definitely a must try!

Jacks or Better card game is considered to be a classic in video games. It is a mainstay on almost all card game sites, along with many variations. As in most poker games, the rules of Jacks or Better are easy to get around with. In fact, seasoned players can just go right ahead and play Jacks without having to spend time working out strategies.

So, what is Jacks or Better all about? Jacks card game follows the conventional rules in poker. The rank of hands is also consistent with standard card games. As the name itself suggests, pay-offs begin when you get a pair of jacks or better.

Video card games are actually similar to slot machines, only that video card games require you to exercise some good decision making and to choose which cards to retain and which to get rid of. Video poker games involve some skill and a lot of player involvement if you want to maximize your profit.

In Jacks or Better you play against a machine that deals you five cards. Next, you need to choose which ones you will hold and which you don’t want. The machine will then replace the cards you have discarded, and you have your final hand. Your winnings will depend on the rank of your final hand.

You may wonder: what edge does Jacks or Better have over other card games? Probably the best reason to play Jacks is because it offers one of the highest payout percentages in the world of casino card games.

For example, in the 9/6 Jacks or Better card game variety, also known as Full Pay Jacks or Better poker game, the 9 pertains to the payoff for a full house, while the 6 refers to the payoff for a flush. This variation provides a theoretical return of 99.54% given that you play with the right strategy. (Of course, there is still that 0.46% chance of losing.)

There are also other Jacks or Better games that you can enjoy, such as the 8/5 or the 7/5 card games. Similar to Jacks or Better are many other poker games such as Tens or Better, where you need to get at least a pair of tens.

What makes Jacks or Better and most other video card games even better is the double up offer which gives you the chance to double your winnings. After a win, you will be taken on a double up card game. The machine draws you one card while the rest are face down. You need to draw a card from the remaining four cards which is higher to the card that the machine drew. If you do, you double up your profit and get the chance to double it again. It continues until you decide to collect your earning or if you choose a lower card and end up losing everything you have accumulated. But if you consider the enjoyment and the potential winnings, you have practically made your little card game hobby into a freebie!

So you see, Jacks or Better is one of the most thrilling card games. Of course, it will take time and experience to learn the right strategy. However, today you can actually practice your strategy in the comfort of your own home through freeware online card games.

If you have not played or have not heard about Jacks or Better, you are missing a lot. Jacks or Better games are also best for those who are starting out with poker. If you learn the rules of Jacks or Better, you know the rules of other video card games and can play all poker games.

If you want a good start at poker, Jacks or Better is the card game for you! There is no better way to play Jacks than to try freeware Jacks or Better poker card games online! If you want something else, try free online slots!